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We are using the same air...

Agregate apa racita - racite cu aer

MQL/MQH 4 to 17

Twin Fans

AQL/AQH 20 to 130

Circular Duct Fans

AQCL 25 to 130 / AQCH 25 to 80

Twin Fans

VLS/VLH/VLR 524 to 1204

Circular Duct Fans

SLS 1402 to 8404 / SLH 1202 to 3804

Twin Fans

Produsele noastre

NGM Company este direct importator al agregatelor producere apa racita pentru utilizare industriala (racire matrite, agregate productie s.a.md.) si climatizare (cele mai mari si complexe sisteme de climatizare sunt realizate astfel)

NGM Company ofera o gama diversificata de grile, anemostate, valve, difuzoare aer, dumper-e, obturatoare aer, atenuatoare de zgomot

Regulating efficiently the natural environment, NGM Company's units can create silently the perfect indoor conditions; your conditions!