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SWO Heating Apparatus

SWO Heating Apparatus

Heating apparatus SWO and ventilating apparatus SW are designed for heating and ventilating industrial halls, storage facilities, workshops, warehouses, shops. The units are manufactured in 4 sizes covering the range of air capacity: for SWO from 1 700 to 7 300 m3/h, and for apparatus SW from 2200 to 7300 m3/. The units are designed for heating the circulation air and, when equipped with a mixing chamber, they may also heat the air drawn from the outside. Additionally, when a four-way intake ventilator is applied a successful distribution of air in low rooms may take place.The devices are manufactured as a self-supporting structure made of painted steel metal plate. The casing is not insulated. Each utility comprises an axial fan and a water heater. The heater is, by standard, adjusted to the water of 90/700C. The maximum heating agent temperature is 1500C. The maximum operating pressure is 1.6 MPa. At the outlet, a roller blind is assembled with movable blades.

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