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PRO2043 Proof Fan Heater

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Robust and compact design
  • Can be used for fixed mounting on the wall
  • Low noise level and high air flow

Proff is a range of compact, portable fan heaters designed for craftsmen and others who need both temporary and permanent heating for buildings sites, warehouses, workshops etc. It is particularly well suited for drying applications. The heaters have a handle and can easily be mounted onto the wall. Proff fan heaters must not be used in the proximity of swimming pools or other places where there is open water.

The units are made of galvanised steel with heating elements of stainless steel. Powder coated in light grey with a black stand and grille. Proff 2 kW and 3 kW are supplied with a 2 m supply lead and a DIN grounded plug. The Proff 5 kW and 9 kW are also supplied with 2 m lead but with a CEE round-pin plug for 3 phase power supply. The Proff 15 kW, 20 kW and 30 kW are supplied with a 1.8 m cable without plug.

The thermostat can be set between 5°C and 40°C.

Proff fan heaters are fitted with thermal trips to prevent overheating. The trip is reset by pressing the button on top of the PRO2-15, or under the top cover for PRO20-30.

The appliance is equipped with a power/fan speed selector switch and a thermostat. The Proff 2 kW-15 kW models have a single fan speed and two heat settings. The Proff 20 kW-30 kW models will run at low speed at the lowest heat setting and at high speed for the two highest heat settings. For the 2 kW-9 kW models the fan motor can be set so that it operates in conjunction with the thermostat and heat. In this way, the fan will not run unnecessarily and blow cold air. The instructions for setting the heater for this mode of operation are located under the top cover.

Proff 2-15 can be mounted to the wall using a wall mounting bracket after removing the black tube stand.

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