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PM2 Portier Mini 2KW

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Air curtain for small openings and drive-by windows
  • Air inlet in front allowing mounting close to the ceiling
  • Intergated thermostat, no regulating equipment needed
  • Supplied with mounting brackets, cable and plug
  • Low noise crossflow fan

Portier Mini is the smallest member of the Systemair air curtain range. Its smooth, curved and modern design
makes it suitable for for small openings such as kiosk hatches and drive through windows. It may be used as
a substitute for a fan heater.

Crossflow fans, motors, heating coils and regulation equipment are placed inside a curved frame of powder
coated galvanized steel. The unit has two dials - thermostat and power selector with 5 positions:

  • Off
  • ½ airflow - ½ heat
  • ½ airflow - full heat
  • full airflow - ½ heat
  • full airflow - full heat.

Thermostat settings from 0 to 40ºC. The thermal protection switch is reset by removing the front panel and pressing the red button.

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