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PGLW Portier Grand

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

Based on the popular design of Portier Basic the new Portier Grand is a fresh addition to the Systemair range of designer's air curtains. It is intended for lobby areas with entry doors up to 3.5 meters and can be both vertically and horizontally mounted.

It comes in two lengths and is available both with electric heating elements or hot water coil. The fan speed is controlled in 3 steps using the external MP32 (or MP30 for ambient or hot water units) that can easily be connected to a door switch.

The non-plastic, robust construction is made of corrosion proof powder coated steel. It has a quiet cross flow fan and an easily adjustable outlet grille.

The side panels can easily be removed for simple installation and maintenance. Side panels in brushed stainless steel are available as accessories.

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