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MTV41 Air Curtain

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Air curtain for industrial premises
  • High efficiency axial fans
  • Can be mounted vertically without any extra accessories

MTV industrial air curtain is Systemair's most powerful air curtain. The 3 motor version gives 8500 m3/h, which is enough air to set up an air curtain for the highest gates in warehouses and factory shipping halls. It can be mounted either besides or over the gateway. No extra accessories is needed for vertical mounting. MTV is recommended for door heights 3.5-6 meters.

MTV has no heating elements. Still it will have a warming effect as it circulates the warm air that accumulates under the ceiling. Tall gates causes the biggest energy loss and hence the biggest potential for savings using an air curtain. MTV saves more energy per installed EURO than any other air curtain.

Axial fans and motors are placed inside a corrosion-proof casting in hot-dip galvanized, powder coated sheet steel. It is supplied with two lamellas to direct the airflow. Air inlet is from the top.

The fan speed is controlled by a transformer regulator such as the REU. The air curtain can be made to run at one speed when the door is open and an other speed when the door is closed by connecting the REU to a door switch like the HDGL.

The MTV is to be mounted vertically or horizontally as close to the opening as possible. If mounted vertically, a false wall should be mounted on the opposite side in order to stop the air flow and prevent draught into the room.

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