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LGW Air Curtain

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Best selling air curtain for years, now with new design
  • Air outlet through an easily adjustable linear grill
  • Hot water coil for heating
  • Air inlet in front allows mounting directly towards the ceiling
  • Low noise cross flow fan
  • Control panel may be installed into the air curtains or mounted separately on the wall
  • One set of regulating equipment can control up to 4 LG air curtains

ScreenMaster LGW has just as the LG been a best seller for years. It is available in 2 different lengths. The LGW air curtain is recommended for door heights up to 2.2 meters.

Regulating equipment must be ordered separately. The control panel, MP, can control as many as 4 LGW. The water supply can be regulated by a thermovalve.

For single air curtain installations the MP0 can be installed inside the LGW. The MP0 is then supplied without the plastic housing and called MP0-I.

LGW has a hot water coil for connection to a central heating system. The output power is determined by the temperature of the water and the temperature of the inlet air. (See table on next page for number values.) The LGW has a filter to protect the heating coil. A MP0 control panel controls the air curtain's fan speed. Connection to the hot water source is done through DN 15 couplings located on top of the air curtain. Regulating equipment for the water supply is not available from Pyrox.


Cross-flow fan and heating elements (if present) are mounted in a corrosion-proof hot-dip galavanized, powder coated sheet steel casting.The control box (MP0-I) is mounted inside the LGW or put on the wall beneath. Units are supplied without electric cord.


The LGW air curtains are designed for horizontal, fixed installation. It should not be mounted closer than 50 mm from the top of the door. The low height of the appliance and the front inlet allow mounting close to the ceiling, it can also be recessed in false ceilings.

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