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HFLW Air Curtain

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Corrosion proof housing made of hot zinc-plated and powder enamelled steel panels. Colour: RAL 9016.
  • Compact design for installation where space is limited
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for optimisation of air stream
  • The connection areas are easily accessed through a large serviceĀ  hatch
  • The sound-absorbing front plate can be turned to allow air intake either from above or from below
  • The narrow outlet which gives a high impulse, is angled 10Ā° outwards for optimal performance

The HFW consists of water heated models. HFW/HFLW are designed for permanent horizontal installation above doorways with heights between 2.5 and 4.0 metres and they can be surface mounted or recessed into a false ceiling. HFWV/HFLWV are designed for vertical installations beside the doorway when over door space is limited. A jet of air from the air curtain prevents cold draughts through open doorways and increases comfort levels in the proximity of the door.

The use of a HFW air curtain enables the use of floor space close to the doorway and can significantly reduce energy losses giving large savings. The HFW range can also be used for industrial heating and drying applications. For wide doorways, several units can be mounted next to each other and regulated with a common thermostat and control panel. For doorways with ceiling mounted sliding doors, adaptation sets are available that direct the airflow close to the opening

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