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AS 120HV Air Curtain

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • air curtain with no heating elements
  • modern design
  • air inlet in front allows mounting directly against the ceiling
  • supplied with mounting brackes, cable and plug
  • low noise crossflow fan
  • no regulation equipment needed

ScreenMaster AS is a simple-to-install full size air curtain without heating elements. It is specifically designed to prevent loss of cool air and the entry of hot contaminated air for doors up to 2.5 meters. It is suited for air conditioned rooms and for door-less reach-in refrigerated cases. It helps keeping out insects, dust and fumes in summer time. It comes in two different lenghts and requires no regulation equipment.

Fan, motor and regulation equipment are placed inside a corrosion-proof casting in hot-dip galvanized, powder coated sheet steel. The application has a built-in switch with two speeds (high and low). It's supplied with a cord and a grounded DIN plug.

The power switch has three positions:

  • Off
  • 1/2 airflow
  • full airflow

AS air curtains are mounted above the inside of the door, as near to the top of the door as possible. The units can be angled for optimum efficiency, and can also be recessed in false ceilings. AS comes in two different lenghts and with two different motor sizes. Because of the front air-intake the air curtain can be mounted where there is limited space between the top of the doorway and the ceiling. Due to it's fan bearings the AS should not be mounted vertically.

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