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Smoke Extract Fan - DVV 1000D4-P/F400 ROOF FAN

smoke extract fan

  • Smoke extract unit
  • 400°C / 120 min
  • Vertical exhaust
  • Suitable for coastal applications
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Certified acc. to EN 12101-3 at TU Munich
  • CE-certified acc. to EN 12101-3, 2002-06 at TÜV Süd

The DVV smoke extract fans are used in case of fire to extract smoke gases from rooms, and also during normal working conditions for standard ventilation.

Smoke-free escape ways increase the chances to rescue people in case of a fire. For installation only over heated rooms.

The octagonal casing is manufactured from seawater resistant aluminium. The base frame consist of galvanised steel. The impeller with backward-curved blades is manufactured from galvanised steel.

Motor cooling with fresh air via air duct. Thermal motor protection on request. In case of fire all protective devices must be bridged to guarantee functional capability.

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