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ZRS 170 Smoke Gas Fan

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Installation

Fans are supplied with 1 m armoured cable and a junction box. Steel cables are provided to give extra support for the fan during chimney sweeping and similar operations.

  • Design

The flue-gas fans have a casing of cast aluminium alloy. The ZRS 170 impeller is made of silumin alloy, while the ZRS 180 impeller is made of stainless steel.

  • Selecting the correct fan

The ZRS 170 is suitable for smaller fireplaces with an aperture of less than 0,35 m2, and the ZRS 180 is intended for fireplaces with an aperture between 0,35 and 0,80 m2.

Systemair flue-gas fans counteract drafts caused by stoves, ovens and open fireplaces. Flue-gas fans are positioned on the top of the chimney and fixed with four adjustable locating rods which are inserted down the chimney. This means that no fixing into the chimney itself is required. The fan is a discreet and compact unit with a low profile.

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