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EX 140-2 Centrifugal Fan ATEX

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • Certified according to ATEX
  • Suitable for use in battery-charging rooms, fume cupboards and similar environments
  • Compact design

EX fans can be installed in any position, and their compact design makes them easy to install.

These fans are powered by specially manufactured EXmotors, and have impellers with forward-curved blades. The fan casing is cast in silumin, and the impeller is manufactured from aluminium.

Explosion proof versions comply with EN 50014, EN 50019, EN 1127- and EN 13463-1. Improved safety in accordance with EEx e II T3. εx II 2G

NOTE! EX 140-180 fans are not speed controllable.

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