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BF 100S Bathroom Fan

KE 40-20-4 Rectangular Fan

  • BF axial fan for bathrooms
  • CBF centrifugal fan for bathrooms, toilets and store rooms
  • Both types can be installed on the wall or the ceiling

The BF/CBF units are extraction fans manufactured from ABS plastic. These fans, can be connected either through the light switch, so that they start when the light is turned on, or to a separate switch. The CBF has a spring-loaded back draft damper.

There are three models: standard model (S), a model with timer (T) and a model with timer and humidity sensor (TH). A time delay of between 1 and 20 minutes can be set on the timer after removing the unit’s front cover. The humidity sensor can be set to a value between 40 and 95% relative humidity. The BF fan has an adjustment knob that is easily accessible at the bottom of the fan. To adjust the humidity sensor on the CBF fan, the front cover should be removed first.

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