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ROOFT@IR RTL/RTH 40 to 110

smoke extract fan

 Model 40
 Cooling (kW)
 84.9/83.4 96.6/94.8
 Heating (kW)
 -/42.9  -.50.2  -/58.2  -/66.5  -/84.0  -/96.0  -/108.0

  • Cooling only and heat pump versions
  • 7 sizes covering a nominal cooling capacity range from 41 to 108kW and a nominal heating capacity range from 43 to 108kW
  • Cabinet coated with RAL 9001 epoxy paint
  • Glass wool insulation, with thickness of 25mm and density of 62kg/m3
  • Power Supply(V-Ph-Hz): 400-3-50
  • 2 scroll compressors
  • R410A refrigerant
  • External coils with fins coated with blue coating easing the flowing of water
  • Removable condensate drain pan
  • IATC electronic control with several options: day or week timer, remote user interface, master/slaves configuration, communication via Modbus interface
  • Choice of 8 arrangements with down, side, front and top supply and return air: 4 for supply and 4 for return
  • Several accessories and options: economizer, manual outdoor air kit, exhaust air kit, exhaust air blower, smoke detector, G4 filters, high external static pressure indoor fan, electric heater, 1-row hot water coil, double wall casing panels, adjustable or non adjustable and factory assembled or non factory assembled roof mounting curbs, rubber pads
  • EUROVENT certified

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