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smoke extract fan

  • Perfect modularity with 4 possible configurations:
    • -J: straight return and side discharge,
    • -U: return and discharge at same side,
    • -L: side return and straight discharge,
    • -I: straight return and discharge
  • Several versions: 2-pipe version (4 or 5 row coil), 2-pipe/2-wire version, 4-pipe version
  • 7 speed motor for air flows from 140 to 783 m3/h (under external static pressure of 40 Pa)
  • Power Supply(V-Ph-Hz): 230-1-50 / 400-3-50 (if are fitted electric heating resistances over 3000W)
  • Ease of maintenance on internal components (fan-motor assembly, coils, electrical connections), by removing the access panel without removing the air ducts
  • Full control with 2 or 4 way valves complete with electromechanic or electronic control systems or with the new Wesper Aqu@net control system
  • Nominal cooling capacities from 1 to 4.8kW
  • EUROVENT certified¬†

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NGM Company is one of the largest suppliers of fans for use in various building ventilation applications.

NGM Company supplyes our clients with a full range of air terminal devices.

Regulating efficiently the natural environment, NGM Company's units can create silently the perfect indoor conditions; your conditions!