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TSF-100 Exhaust Diffuser

smoke extract fan

TSF perforated exhaust diffuser for ceiling installation.

TSF is a perforated exhaust air diffuser designed for ceiling assembly. Plenum box PER or iris damper SPI should be used to regulate the air flow.

TSF is available in 7 different sizes 100-400, size 250-400 do not need adapter plates for installation in suspended ceiling.

TSF consists of perforated front plate and a diffuser box, manufactured of sheet metal. The diffuser box has a connection sleeve fitted with a rubber seal. TSF is painted with a white powder coated finish (RAL 9010-80). The front plate is removable to easy access to the duct.

When mounting, pull the perforated front straight out. Connect the diffuser box with blind rivets and then remount the front. If the diffuser is fitted to a PER plenum box there must be a straight length, 4 times the duct diameter in front of the PER plenum box. A Sinus P600 is a replacement for a false ceiling tile when installing TSF 100-200. TSF 250400 can be installed directly. The hole dimension is according to the measuring table.

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