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TFF-080 Supply Diffuser

smoke extract fan

The Systemair TFF circular supply diffuser. This diffuser has a shielding device for producing a directional (180°) distribution pattern and has an adjustable gap.

The TFF is a circular supply diffuser for ceiling installation. The TFF consists of an inlet cone and diffuser unit containing sound-absorbent material. The technical specifications of the diffuser unit give it a wide range of applications. By rotating diffuser unit, the throw and pressure drop can be adjusted steplessly. Both concentric and eccentric distribution patterns can be selected by using the shielding device provided.

The TFF is manufactured from sheet steel with a white powder-coated finish (RAL 9010-80) and is available in the following diameters: ø 80, ø 100, ø 125, ø 150, ø 160 and ø 200.

How to use for exhaust air
This device can be used for exhaust air.

The TFF is easily fitted, either into the mounting frame or directly onto the duct using its friction springs. If the TFF is fitted to a PER plenum box, there must be a straight length, 4 times the duct’s diameter, in front of the PER plenum box.

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