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Konika A-160 Diffuser ADJ PATT

smoke extract fan

The Konika-A is a multi cone diffuser for ceiling assembly. Adjustable from horizontal to vertical discharge.

Konika-A multi cone diffuser for ceiling assembly. The diffuser consist of an external cone and an adjustable double center cone. The double cone can be adjusted for changing of the distribution pattern from horizontal to vertical.

The diffuser is manufactured from steel with white powdercoated finish (RAL 9010) and is available in
6 sizes 160-500. The cone diffuser can also be manufactured in aluminium. When dismantling the inner double cone the duct system becomes accessible for cleaning.

When mounting the cone diffuser, dismantle the inner double cone by pressing and turning it. Pull the cone
straight out. Attach the external cone with pop rivets and remount the inner cone in the position that provides the desired distribution pattern (external position for horizontal distribution pattern and inner positon for vertical).

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