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FD-Q 400 Diffuser Square Fix

smoke extract fan


The DHD is a highly inductive swirl diffuser with either square or circular front plateand fixed swirl diffuser blades manufactured from steel. To be used with a plenum box.


Diffuser with fixed blades guiding the air, blades in a circular shape. High induction byspecial shape of the blades and blade arrangement. The blades separate the air stream into an amount of single, highly inductive air jets, in order to have a quick temperature adjustment and reduction of air speed. Can be used for warm and cold air for temperature difference of 10 K.


The FD is manufactured from powder coated steel (RAL 9010) and is available insizes 400, 500, 600 and 625mm. The plenum box is manufactured from galvanized steel and contains a perforated flow straightener, an adjustable air damper and a non-flammable insulation.


The plenum box is suspended from the ceiling (4 loops). The air damper can beadjusted from below. The front panel is mounted to a profiled bar at the plenum box by one central screw. The minimum mounting height (front plate) is 2.6 m, the maximum mounting height is 4 m.

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