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DHD SR-310 Diffuser Lam.Var.RD

smoke extract fan


The DHD is a ceiling swirl diffuser with square front plate and inserted, adjustable air guiding blades in radial arrangement. This diffuser is especially suited for comfort ventilation in rooms with high air exchange rates. Up to 4m room height warm air as well as cold air can be distributed without a change in the´blade adjustment.


The DHD offers the possibility to adjust the air flow pattern to changing requirements at any time. This diffuser is well suited for systems with variable air flow, as due to the high air velocities at the diffuser the air flow pattern remains unchanged also for low air volumes. Due to the high induction the temperature is quickly adapted and the air velocity is quickly reduced. The pressure drop and noise level of the diffuser remain unchanged even when changing the blade positions.  


The DHD is manufactured from powder coated steel (RAL 9010) and is available in the sizes 310, 400, 500, 600, 625 and 800 mm. The blades are manufactured from black high impact resistant plastic (ABS) and can be rotated. The plenum box is manufactured from galvanized steel and contains a perforated flow straightener, an adjustable air damper and a non-flammable insulation.


The plenum box is suspended from the ceiling (4 loops). The air damper can be adjusted from below. Up to size 625 the front panel is mounted to a profiled bar at the plenum box by one central screw. Size 800 is fixed by screws around the flange of the plenum box.

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