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BDP-100 Bathroom Pir Damper

smoke extract fan

BPD 100 is a motorized damper with integrated presence sensor (PIR), for Bathroom installations.
The extract units may be installed either on the wall (in a vertical or horizontal position), or the ceiling.

The damper stays open 25 min after the presence sensor (PIR) does not have any movement indication any longer. BPD 100 uses 9V batteries (approx 2 years life length).

If the relative humidity is over 75% the damper will also stay open.

Spigot version :

  • Ø100mm and Ø125mm (with adapter)
  • Ø80mm (with special sleeve Ø80mm).
  • nota : the BPD is delivered with adapter Ø100mm.

The BPD dampers are especially useful in constant pressure systems for example block of flats.

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