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Balance E 100 Exhaust Diffuser

smoke extract fan

Systemair Balance-E exhaust diffuser for installation on ceiling or wall

Ordering code

  • E = Exhaust air
  • Diameter

Mounting frame RFP, RFU

The Balance-E is a round exhaust diffuser with an aerodynamically shaped valve cone. The Balance-E performs extremely well with regard to sound level, pressure drop and air flow characteristics. The Balance-E is installed in a frame or directly into the duct.

The Balance-E is manufactured from recyclable polypropylene and tolerates temperatures up to 100°C. This material also withstands most chemicals in small concentrations. Polyether packing. The Balance-E is supplied in a white finish which matches RAL 9010-80.

The cone is screwed a number of turns clockwise or anticlockwise so as to achieve the air gap in mm which corresponds to the pressure drop and required air flow shown in the diagram. The pressure drop is checked by pushing a suitable test probe into the front of the unit behind the valve cone.

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