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Sinus F 125-L Ceiling Diffuser 600x600

smoke extract fan


The Sinus F is a rectangular, ceiling mounted diffuser with nozzles, suitable for constant or variable flow. The supply air can be at over- or under-temperature and both horizontal and variable patterns are possible. It is always possible to change the spread pattern of the air “after installation” without effecting the airflow, pressure drops sound levels. Sinus F will be used when the terminal is mounted in a modular suspended ceiling. All sizes have outer dimensions 595 x 595 and 620 x 620. This is specially designed to be directly suspended in the T-bar framework of the ceiling, and it is still possible to remove the diffuser face to access the duct system. The front plate is easy to assemble and hangs from a chain during cleaning and maintenance. It is possible to change the front plate in two steps, normal ventilation and if it needs more air flow it is possible to open the gap in next steps.


Sinus F is a square diffuser, consisting of two sections; the diffuser face and a backing box. The removable diffuser face is equipped with aerodynamically nozzles. The diffuser has a rubber seal on the connection spigot and spring clips to hold the diffuser face in place. Sinus F is for installation in a suspended cassette ceiling and always has exterior dimension 595 x 595 and 620 x 620 mm, irrespective of the inlet size.

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