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Sinus A 125-L Ceiling

smoke extract fan

The Systemair ceiling nozzle diffuser. The nozzles can be individually set at any angle within 360°.

  • Dimensions
  • Nozzles: L = ø 57 mm, S = ø 35 mm

Sinus-A ceiling diffuser. The Sinus-A consists of a front plate with a number of nozzles, together with a main body plus connection sleeve fitted with a rubber seal tested for air-tightness. The front plate is easy to assemble without the use of tools. The front plate hangs from a chain during cleaning and servicing.

The nozzles can be individually set at any angle within 360°, which means that an unlimited number of distribution patterns can be set without affecting noise levels, air volume or pressure drop. The nozzles’ rounded edges prevent dust from settling and facilitate cleaning. The Sinus-A can be used for heated or cooled air, together with requirement controlled ventilation (VAV), without any draft problems. Maximum temperature difference for cooled air: dT 12 K.

The Sinus-A ceiling diffuser consists of a supply-air element (the front plate) manufactured from galvanized sheet metal with a white powder-coated finish (RAL 9010-80) together with a main body plus circular connection sleeve (ø 125-315) also made from galvanized sheet metal. The nozzles are made of recyclable ABS plastic and are available in two sizes, with either 35 mm or 57 mm diameters, and are finished in standard white which matches RAL 9010-80.

This device can be used for extract air.

The Sinus-A should be fitted onto a PER plenum box, or it can be connected directly onto a duct (ø 125-315) with pop rivets. When being installed on a rigid ceiling structure, the sides and top of the unit’s main body can be fitted to the structure. When being installed on a suspended ceiling, the Sinus adapter plate should be used (see accessories).

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