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SPI 100 C Iris Damper

smoke extract fan

The SPI is an iris damper for measuring and adjusting the air flow. The SPI has the following specifications: low noise level, centrically-formed air flow and fixed test points for precise measurements. The damper also has an adjustment aperture which can be opened completely, which means there is no need for an access door for cleaning. Available in sizes ø 80-800mm.

The damper is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and is fitted with a rubber seal tested for air-tightness. Permitted ambient temperature is 70 °C.

This device can be used for exhaust air.

The SPI adjustment damper must be installed in accordance with the distances required to minimise air-flow deviation. Reducing or enlarging the duct to the next duct size does not require any specified distances for minimising deviation. The SPI enables the taking of precise air-flow measurements at all points including points close to duct deviations such as T junctions and bends, and points in front of other supply-air devices.

Protective distance
before bends - 1 x D
after“ - 1 x D
before T-pipes - 3 x D
after “ - 1 x D
before supply-air devices - 3 x D

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