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TLP 125/1,2 Air Handling Unit

AURA Compact Units

  • Low noise level
  • Adjustable voltage control
  • Supply-air unit with heater
  • Easily removable inspection cover
  • EU3 filter

A compact unit consisting of a fan, heater and filter in a galvanised sheet steel casing insulated inside with 50 mm of mineral wool. Rubber-sealed sleeve couplings. Neoprene sealing strips and toggle locks. Note that the fan must always be connected to 230 V. Fan run-on is not normally required. (Lowest air velocity 1.5 m/s). Max. output air temperature: 40 oC. The fan may be adjusted by either a transformer or a thyristor.

The heating element is most effectively controlled by a power regulator, pulser and duct sensor.

The filter should be checked regularly and replaced at least twice a year.

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