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VX 400 E Heat Rec.Unit

AURA Compact Units

  • User friendly controlling by one or several control panels.
  • Automatic de-frosting for all operating conditions.
  • Integral filter monitor
  • EU7 fine filter for supply-air
  • Cross flow heat exchanger
  • Inspection covers on both sides
  • Demand control

The VX-400 E is a complete ventilation unit designed for smaller offices, shops and similar premises. VX 400 E and 700 E are designed to ventilate homes, offices and smaller commercial buildings.

Fans for supply and extract air, control system, cross flow heat exchanger, thermostat operated pre- and re-heater battery and filters are standard.

Summer block is available as an accessory when heat recovery is not required.

Air flow, supply air temperature and filter change interval are set from one (or several) external mounted control panels type CE.

Lamp indicators on the CE panel shows chosen fans and temperature settings, whether the heating battery is in operation and if filters need to be replaced. The lamps also help to show if any faults would occur.
A separate timer can be connected for programming day and night operation. A CO2 or presence sensor (potential free contact) can be connected for demand control.

The casing is manufactured in galvanised sheet steel, double skinned with 50 mm of insulation in the main body and 30 mm in the access covers.

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