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VM 1 Heat Recovery Unit

AURA Compact Units

  • 90% heat recovery efficiency
  • Constant air flow regulation
  • VM1: 60 W in normal operation
  • VM2: 130 W in normal operation
  • Automatic defrosting

Three operating modes can be selected on the display: min., norm. and max. In the norm. position, a constant air flow can be selected within the 120-180 m3/h range for the VM1, and the 180-280 m3/h range for the VM2. The min. flow is approx. 65% of the norm. flow.

The supply and exhaust constant air flows can be adjusted independently, so as to achieve balanced ventilation. If the unit is to operate for long periods when the outside temperature is below -20°, the use of a preheater such as the CB is recommended. The VM has two singleinlet centrifugal fans with forward-curved impellers and maintenance-free EC motors. These can be set individually to ensure balanced ventilation. The SBVM summer-block, for use during the summer, is available as an accessory.

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