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PEGAZ Flow Exchanger Heater

PEGAZ Flow Exchanger Heater

PEGAZ flow heater with a gas or oil burner is applied in heating and ventilation units or air conditioning units designed for assembly in closed rooms with a normal level of dusting as well as for the assembly outside buildings. PEGAZ may also work as an individual heating module in a ventilation duct where it functions as a zonal heater or may be employed in a series of duct modules working in parallel for one central unit.

Air heating with a gas or oil heater is frequently applied in objects that have no other sources of energy or where the existing sources of energy are uneconomical or are not able to satisfy the energy demand.

The application of PEGAZ heating modules is particularly recommended for heating such rooms as shopping centres, manufacturing halls, sports halls, shops, warehouses, utility rooms etc.

The use of PEGAZ type heater together with the complete oil or gas installations is a much cheaper enterprise than the construction of a boiler room that is indispensable to produce and distribute heating medium to the unit. PEGAZ heating modules with gas or oil burner co-operate with BS roof and sectional air handling units, with BD roof units and operate as duct zonal heaters. The heater may be equipped with gas or oil burner - one-level, two-level (progressive), modulated. Depending on the type of burner, the heater is equipped with components that protect the exchanger from overheating and with a system regulating the operation of the burner.

An individual regulation system for the heater has appropriate outputs and inputs designed for the co-operation with the regulating system for the whole unit (e.g. heating system may be switched on when it receives a signal that the central unit fan is in operation). The character of the building/object and the requirements to be met by a given installation determine the selection of a burner by a designer.

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