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OLIMP Roof Units

AURA Compact Units

Olimp duct free units are designed for ventilation, heating or cooling of production halls, trading areas, storage rooms, sports halls and other rooms located in large size buildings with empty space inside. They are manufactured in two sizes of 5,000 and 8,000 m3/h capacity. Their advantage is the elimination of the necessity to install air distributing ducts and the fact that the units are placed on the roof saves space typically occupied by an engine room. As a standard, olimp duct free roof units are equipped with power supply-control automation systems.

Our products

NGM Company is one of the largest suppliers of fans for use in various building ventilation applications.

NGM Company supplyes our clients with a full range of air terminal devices.

Regulating efficiently the natural environment, NGM Company's units can create silently the perfect indoor conditions; your conditions!