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OKEANOS Swimming pool Units

OKEANOS Swimming Pool Units

OKEANOS swimming pool units are air supply and exhaust ventilation units designed for dehumidification and ventilation of all kinds of halls with indoor swimming pools. The series comprises 8 sizes covering the ventilation capacity from 1,000 to 35,000 m3/h. Structural elements used in the construction of the central units as well as the internal components for processing and pumping of the air are characterised with increased resistance against corrosion. Equipping the swimming pool units with a heating pump significantly increases the heat recovery coefficient and also enables the dehumidification of air in summer periods when the supply of 100% of fresh air does not ensure the maintenance of the required air humidity level. The additional advantage connected with the application of the heat pump in the swimming pool appliance is the possibility of heat recovery from the exhaust air and the transmission of the heat to warm up the swimming pool water. The exchangers are made of corrosion resistant materials. As a standard, OKEANOS type units are equipped with power supply-control automation systems.

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