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DV Cooler

AURA Compact Units

DV Cooler is a unique cooling system for air handling units up to 12,000 m3/h (3,3 m3/s). The air handling unit section, the DV Cooler, is a separate section containing a complete, stand-alone cooling compressor system. Internally a control system takes care of all safety functions and the adaptation of the cooling capacity to the demands from the main air handling unit controller.

With the stepless solution the cooling capacity is adapted to the demand. The internal control system calculates the necessary speed for the compressor; and the energy consumption is as low as possible.

DV Cooler is a separate air handling unit section built to fit directly into Systemair DV air handling units. Install the DV Cooler section between the section with the rotary heat exchanger and the section with the supply fan. Connect the water trap to the pipe on the side of the unit. That's all!

The internal cooling control system in the DV Cooler can be connected to all makes of major main air handling unit controllers.

The air handling unit only increases in length by a maximum of 1270 mm when the DV Cooler is installed.

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