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False Ceiling Units - VR 250 EH/B Heat Rec. Unit

AURA Compact Units

  • Rotating heat exchanger
  • Automatic change normal/summer operation
  • Flexible installation without condensate drain
  • Automatic bypass-function when using a cooker hood

The VR unit is suitable for ventilation of smaller apartments. It is painted white and designed for installation on the wall or ceiling. VR 250 EH/B is delivered double skinned, fully insulated and with complete control functions, centrifugal fans for supply and extract air, rotating heat exhanger, reheater battery and filter.

A duct from the cooker hood can be connected to a separate "bypass-duct" so that the air from the cooker hood leads direct to the exhaust fan and not throu the unit.

Anti-vibration ceiling mounting brackets and inspection doors on both sides makes the unit easy to place and clean.

The unit will automatically alternate between normal operation with heat recovery and summer operation without heat recovery.

Electrical connection

  • Connection to mains supply via 1 m cable and plug for earthed connection
  • 4-core (12V) for signal from remote control panel, if installed. Connection via external plug or alternatively on terminal block in the junction box. Use twin plugs for installation of several control panels.
  • 2-core for potential free signal from separate timer, if installed

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