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TOPVEX 1000 R EL-L AHU-Compact

AURA Compact Units

  • Complete with integrated control system
  • Low overall height
  • Easy to service
  • Integrated bypass duct
  • EU7 fine filter

The MAXI 1100 unit is designed for the ventilation of smaller offices, shops or similar premises. The unit is installed horizontally in the attic, above a corridor or similar locations. The EL unit can also be installed upside down. The MAXI 1100 is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel with 50 mm insulation (30 mm for the inspection covers.) The 2 inspection covers with quick-release fasteners together with removable motors and heat exchange unit facilitate easy service and maintenance. The heat recovery efficiency is approximately 55-65 %.

The MAXI EL has an electric re-heater, whilst the MAXI HW uses a hot-water battery for re-heating. A by-pass channel with motorized damper is built into the unit.

The integral transformer has a 7-step choice for fan speed. The SCP control panel has an integral 7-day timer for selecting day and night operating settings.

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