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AURA Compact Units

  • Plug and play
    • Integrated control system
    • Pre-configured
  • Very easy to operate
    • Menu based controller
  • Factory tested
  • Low energy use
  • Ready for demand controlling
  • Step-less fan speed settings
  • Step-less differentiation of the fans
  • Easy maintenance
  • Manufactured in Aluzinc
  • Low noise

Rotovex SR03-06 is a series of efficient ventilation units designed for offices, shops, schools, daycares centre or similar premises. The units are especially designed to meet the coming energy requirements and have therefore a very low energy use and a high-efficiency rotating heat exchanger. To simplify the installation and commissioning the units are included with control system and pre-configured.

The units casing is made up from double-skinned 0,9mm aluzinc sheet metal with 50mm of internal sound/thermal mineral wool insulation. To avoid sharp edges bevelled corners from cast aluminium are used. Two large inspection doors facilitate inspection and maintenance. The fans and the rotating heat exchanger are easily removable.

Supply and extract air filter are mounted in guide rails. The guide rails have a quick release system and fitted with sealing stripes to provide optimal sealing against the filter.

The separate electrical/ re-heater boxes facilitate services. All electrical connections are done at one place in the electrical box.

Rotovex SR03-06 is delivered complete with controls, including 10 meters of cable. The control panel is menu based and easy to use. The unit is ready configured and therefore very easy to set up, set the time and date, desired air temperature, fan speed (0-100%), operating week schedule and the unit is up-and-running.

The units have energy saving functions like:

  • Cool recovering to recover the chilliness in the extract air, when using an external cooling unit.
  • Demand controlled airflow by using a digital CO2/ humidity sensor or a movement detector.
  • Sum alarm output that makes it possible for central supervision of many units.

Central supervision secures that incorrect operating, like dirty filters, detects early.

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