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BDG Garage Units

AURA Compact Units

Garage units are designed for the ventilation of garages and underground parking facilities. The units are manufactured in 6 sizes covering the air capacity range from 1,000 to 36,000 m3/h. The garage central units are used to purge the air polluted with carbon oxide and with all kinds of sulphur and lead compounds contained in car engine exhaust fumes.
The garage central units are manufactured in three basic versions:

  • roof units,
  • suspended units,
  • standard units

The garage units may be delivered with a complete automation system.

Our products

NGM Company is one of the largest suppliers of fans for use in various building ventilation applications.

NGM Company supplyes our clients with a full range of air terminal devices.

Regulating efficiently the natural environment, NGM Company's units can create silently the perfect indoor conditions; your conditions!