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BD Roof Units

BD Roof Units

BD roof units are manufactured in 10 sizes covering the capacity from 1,000 to 60,000 m3/h and also, if requested by the client, units of greater capacity. Placing the air-conditioning unit directly on the roof enables the design of an air handling installation with a less branched out and shorter network of air-conditioning ducts which results in smaller air flow resistance and therefore in a small consumption of power in comparison with classic layouts where the central units are located in an engine room and the air is being distributed through a network of ducts at long distances. The application of roof central units is particularly beneficial in case of designing a ventilation system with an air cooler co-operating with an air humidity condenser placed on a roof, since this eliminates the necessity to run long pipelines with a cooling medium. However, the basic advantage connected with the application of BD roof central units is saving the usable area which, when applying classic systems, should also accommodate an engine room.

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