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AURA Compact Units

AURA Compact Units

AURA type air supply and exhaust units provided with a rotary heat exchanger are designed for ventilation of such high heat gain objects as offices, banks, conference halls, discos, restaurants. The series of appliances comprises 4 air capacity values from 400 to 12,000 m3/h. Those devices are particularly applicable in rooms where the supplied air temperature is lower than the temperature inside of the room eliminating the necessity of the application of heaters. The temperature is controlled by controlling the rotary speed of the heat exchanger. The distinctive feature of the appliance is its compact construction and its automation system designed in such a way as to optimise the consumption of energy necessary for the ventilation and as to ensure constant air capacity regardless of the resistance of air flow through the ventilation installation that changes in time. In order to extend the range of application of the central units with the above mentioned features the duct exchangers with various size connector pipes have been taken into consideration. As a standard, the ventilation units of AURA type are equipped with power supply-control automation systems.

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