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About Us

At NGM Company, we are proud to be able to offer energy-efficient products for a better indoor climate. Our products focuses on achieving maximum function with the minimum energy consumption – without compromising on design and comfort.

We offer a wide range of products with high technological functionality and constant, high quality. This means that our products can easily be applied to different environments, either visible or concealed.

NGM Company supplies a range of extremly various items, and has expertise in air handling in service-sector and industrial buildings, hospitals, professional kitchens and private and collective housing.

Our Adress

Adresa: str. Stramosilor 39
Iasi, Iasi, Romania, cod poștal 700434


Company Info

C.U.I.: RO 19080019

Nr.Reg.Com.: J22/2462/2006

Our products

NGM Company is one of the largest suppliers of fans for use in various building ventilation applications.

NGM Company supplyes our clients with a full range of air terminal devices.

Regulating efficiently the natural environment, NGM Company's units can create silently the perfect indoor conditions; your conditions!